Q: What is Find Family?

A: Find Family is a business I created to help you find your lineage through

Q: How does Find Family work?

A: You can select one of the package plans found under packages and pricing, and I will contact you asking about your mother, father, grandparents, and great grandparents’ birthdates, birthplaces, and death dates (I must at least have some information about your parents, or I will be unable to track down your family’s lineage). From there, I will work on researching your family tree through and will deliver the final results to you through email, or by book.

Q: What if I want you to do additional research after the delivered product?

A: I would be happy to do so! Each generation beyond what I have listed in packages and pricing will cost an extra $10. I can also create full family histories. Contact me for details and custom packages.

Q: Can I use Find Family as a gift for a family member?

A: Yes! An excellent gift for a family member would be a family tree book. In packages and pricing, I have linked a family tree book that is offered through Contact me if you would like a book, and tell me which layout you would like. I will then create your book with your family tree and ship it to you.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: If you would like to cancel your order, please contact me, and I will do so free of charge.

Q: Will you go to a county records department to find information on my family?

A: No, I am based only on If you would like someone to do this service for you, I would suggest hiring a professional genealogist.

Q: Are you a professional genealogist researcher?

A: No, I am a high school student with a love for researching family trees. I have a lot of experience with the platform, and have researched family trees dating back to the 400s. However, I am not a professional. If you would like a professional genealogist to do a very comprehensive report for you, there are many good professionals available. Look for the APG designation.

Q: Why should I pay you to do this instead of doing it myself?

A: Being an experienced researcher of genealogy, I will provide you an accurate family tree by researching through documents on I will also guarantee that your tree is delivered to you within a few weeks, whereas it might take you months or longer to complete your tree, because you probably have a lot of other things to do (which is why you haven’t already researched your tree, right?)